Festival Highlights

Throughout the two-day event, come see how Buddhism has touched the lives of people locally and internationally. We have a number of activities to keep you entertained for the whole day including baby blessings, mass meditation sessions, multicultural performances, vegetarian food fair, numerous cultural displays, and fireworks!

Official Ceremony

We welcome you to witness a colourful and magnificent ceremony in celebration of Sakyamuni Buddha’s day of birth over 2,500 years ago in northern India. To be held on Saturday at 6pm, it will be a time for prayers, offering, contemplation, acknowledgements and giving. Guests include dignatories from local and state government, multi-faith religious representatives, community and business…

Bathing of the Buddha

Bathing of the Buddha Since ancient times, Buddhists all over the world celebrate Buddha’s birthday by using fragrant water to bathe the image of the infant Buddha. There is great significance in the act as the fragrant water is poured over the statue of the infant Buddha three times. It symbolizes the cleansing of our…

Baby Blessing and Baby Shower

A newborn is a gift of hope and a promise to ourselves and to the world at large, a continuation of the power of life expressed in the new little face you hold before you. Babies enter the world surrounded by the hopes, dreams, joys and most importantly, the love of their parents and family.…

Mass Meditation & Tea Meditation

Participants from all over Perth will have the chance to take part in meditation guided by our Venerables from the Fo Guang Shan Monastery and experience a moment of blissful mindfulness. Previous Mass Meditation sessions were very successful, with over 200 participants joining us for the event and this year we are also introducing the…

Alms Round

Receiving alms has traditionally been one of the daily rituals a monastic had to undertake to gain food for survival. Its benefits are two-fold: to aid in daily cultivation for the monastic and to provide opportunities for Buddhist practitioners to accumulate merits. Going on alms round is a form of cultivation and demonstrates the interdependence…

Be Kind Be Vego

Be Kind Be Vego is an initiative of the Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA), Sydney, also supported by BLIA Melbourne and Fo Guang Shan. We believe a meat free diet is a great way to practise compassion – being kind to our health, to the animals and to the planet. We are committed to promoting…

What's On

We have a number of activities to keep you entertained for the whole day from morning to night so it is never too early or too late to come and visit us! All day activities include: multicultural performances, vegetarian food fair stalls, calligraphy sessions, tea appreciation, arts and craft for the kids! There will also be numerous cultural displays such as Buddha's Birthday Education Project (BBEP), Buddha's life story, Nan Tien Institute (NTI), wishing tree, Guanyin pond, and much much more!


Enjoy the free festivities outdoors at the live performing stage where we showcase local talent from various performing groups and schools, featuring music, song and dance from different cultures.  It’s an opportunity for us to promote multiculturalism and embrace our diversity as we live in harmony with each other.  Come and share in the rich…

Cultural Activities

Our cultural activities showcase a wide range of methods of cultivation such as one-stroke calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, and tea appreciation. Chinese Calligraphy The art of Chinese calligraphy dates back to early history and uses Chinese characters as its vehicle of expression. Specialised calligraphy masters demonstrate their skills while those interested in trying their hand are…


Studies have demonstrated the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. Some of us want to live longer, healthier lives or do our part to reduce pollution.   Whether or not you are a vegetarian, you will enjoy the array of vegetarian food from different countries, freshly cooked with love and care. From appetisers,…

Activities for Kids

The festival is also a family-friendly event with an arts and craft section and rides just for the kids to enjoy! Don’t forget to also checkout our mascots that will be running around all day!

Get in Touch...

Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple WA is located in the heart of Maylands

280 Guildford Road, Maylands 6051
Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
(08) 9371 0048

Around Australia

Buddha's Birthday and Multicultural Festival continues to be held annually in different cities.


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Honourable Committee 榮譽委員

Richard Tay, 佛弟子, 李遠東, 蔡彩美

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杜紹志合家, 謝豐吉, 黃英男, 鄒希曾, 蘇瓊珠

Compassionate Committee 慈悲委員

黃潔麗, 陳威宏, 翟高星, 陳金玲, 楊謙德合家, 潘亞石, 雷远江, 林福鼎, Alan Griffith, 謝麗華, 賴雲光合家, Koong Family, 姚文慧

Joy & Equanimity Committee 喜捨委員

符國銹, 陳冬菊, 李才才, 伍國輝, 林思慧, 莊鎬嘉, 駱李德絲, 周飛龍, 許潔妮, 黃翠華, Barry Yap, 汪健燊, 曾德娇, 林育才夫婦, 林瑞玲, 黃肇藩, 黃文华, 符永成合家, 郭國照, 黃紫白

Initiator 發起人

葉志偉, Gim B. Kho, Yeo Siew Ngo, 查孝翰, 趙蓮合, Irene Chua, 林相男(翔藍), Eunice Lee Hui Ping, 符昌菽, 邢意容, 符懋銘, 符懋鎏, 符玉妮, 馬文波, 楊道珍, 林梅, 符玉媛, 符玉姝, Ho Koon Yoke, 陳榮美, 李菊蕊, 陳玟光, 邱学週合家, Cheng Oon Goh, 黃梓煜, Keith Goh, 陳如珍, 杜亨鑫, 周朝芳, Lee, 江碧霞, 江美霖, 施赛琴, 池庆传, 沈淑芬, 郑净柔, 郑净恬, 黄勁通, 蔡桂芳, 歐綺玲, 蕭翠女, 曾春梅, Terry Gaunt,  詹麗英, 鄭秀娟, 曾彩明, 陳艳艳, 盧志堅, 梅國華, 黃錦漢合家, Hadi Family, 鄧智文, Herry Brata, 葉月婷, Golden Leaf Chinese Restaurant, 馮艳群, 沈湄真, 陈淑霞, 黄锦财, Kim Lai How, 郑家菁, Athena Yip, 危圓紅, 朱瑞彪合家, 鄧美琼, John Wong, 蕭明祉, 王順和, Swanson Ng, 沈路慧

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Xiang Pei, Tran Thi Hong, 陳綉球, Do Thi Oanh, Rocky Chuah, 丁昌, 李燕姍, 龍志雄, 彭思娘, 龍志偉, 龍素貞, 朱瑞丰, 陳玉櫻, 雷振森, William, Jenny, 凌觀英, 活力餐館, 吳傑仁, 黃國祥, 蔡洪科, 吳靜華, Kings' Inn, Jackson Ngo, Tinh Anh Ngo, Keon Wong Kim Volly, 曾金溪, 黃兄, 古雄, 陳慶幸, Peter Chung, Jackson, Eve Mak, Francis Kuan, Tony Au Yuen, Peter M, Judie Koo, 小林, 雷健智, 鄭家菁, 刁華峰, 陽光餐店, 蕭傑期, 黃昌華, 李淑娟, 黃順輝, 黃順發, 張曉盈, 袁陶秀瑛, David, 羅海玲, 仇鳳得, 丘民昌, 鐘玉珍, Ho, Melisa Lee, 黃睿容, 李福華, 張秀花, 陳福來, Angela Chin Y.P., 陳永蓮, 鄭茂森, 鄭瑞萍, 鄭琇文, 張國新, 王文銀, 朱丰收,姚秀聪, 朱良兴, 朱彩英, 山東, 陳先生, 朱瑞兴, 凌文漢, 佛弟子, 陳少妮, 朱姿英, 汪光文, 李韦泽, 施美玉, 符傳旻, 符傳殿, 林偉光, 李淑婷, 符靖怡, Foo Ji Xiong, Foo Ting Wen, 羅中喜, 符之華, 符之樂, 符之順, 符國娣, 孙宝珠, 甘拾光, 符國民, 林楚原, 夏芝香, 林丽文, 林育生, 林利君, 李群達, 許福氣, 符幗波, 杜素絲, 陳建生, 張玉, 葉杏玉, 鄭建豪, 張喻婷, 楊淑華, 曾菊妹, 莊建丰, 黄冠惠, Sok Hong Teow, Ting Chai Lee, 林春合家, 林偉良合家, 林秀玉, Nora Koh, 陳愛珠, Lim Liong & Family, Bing Q Wu & Family, Hie King Ling, Go Chu Chai, Tan Ah Keong, Lim Paik Teik, 陈宝华, 房桂英, Monika Stefanescu, 招翠潔, 招翠琼, 招翠燕, 招霞, 招潤联, 招润威, 黄小玲, 招泳平, 冯德元, 冯永恩 , 莫昶滔, Linda Chan, 林月明, 李健衛, 李莉姍, 王聯福, 李嘉婷, Jenny Thor, Tan Gek Keng, 顏惠姬, 張順英, Kim Ong, Sun, Jessica, Vivian, Vin, Andrew Ang, 黃振新, 黃振雄, 黃珍妮, 黃艾丽莎, Vemala a/r Ramasary, Suchada Suchada, Finian Lim, Madeline Coldwell, Chia Mei Wu, Jojo Wu, 梁庆穌, 刘品利,林明伟, 王思金, John O Brien, Tan Sek Neo, 蔣安強合家, 陸海玲, 陳德獻, 施輝亮, 施汉杰, 陳新民, 张天佑, Simon, 陈志达, Lyn Loong, 黃稚慧, 龍素貞, 張秀花, 彭思娘, Tammy Yeoh, Richard Chua, Jolene Chua, Gwendlyn Chua, Rebecca & Paul, Joey, Jason, Nicole, Yang Chun Mei, 周秀泉, 蔡惠香, 林可雯, 林慧雯, 陳振芬, Joey Wen, Georges Hung, Cindy Hoon, 白美寶, Suan Heng Lee, 吳雪梅, 趙月生, 張緯家, 戴秀珠, 黃蓮湖, 吳才英, 何詩勤, 馮稚喬, Gerald, 陳立紅, 陳芊菻, Su Phin Kwok, 朱健維合家, 劉向東合家, 朱健程, 朱瑞珍, 謝磊, 陳德荣, 李如发, Tan Boon Chuan, Lee Ah Kheng, Soh Gek Eng, Ang Hock Lye, 曾明达, 符永霖, 贺加, 史宝玉, Florence Lau, Jason Chung, Geoffrey Coombs, 韓德光, 符淑娟, 符淑英, Djohan, 彭瑞源合家, Erna, Shelly Suwongso, Ricky Wijaya, Jolin Wijaya, Audrey Sum, Jack Lum, 陳偉文, 梁靜文, 梁力元, Sarah Lee, Choong's Family, Lim's Family, Wong's Family, Lau's Family, Law's Family, Lee's Family, 王少梅, 陈旭彥, 卢雯静, 陈国娟, 劉美華, Alexandre Vaz-Filion, Linda Fong, 文哥, 師夫葉, Tan Mei Chee, Tan Lim Ong, Lim Siew Pin, Suet Mei Khong, Lei Lim, Diane Neisen, 謝定文, 許秋水, 蕭卜文, 蕭善丰, 王吉隆, 陳馬超, Aaron Yap, Ong Chong Hin Family, 彭家明合家, Yen Hai Hoang

Organised By

Buddha's Birthday and Multicultural Festival 2018 is organised by Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple WA, Buddha's Light International Association and the Nan Tien Institute.