Official Ceremony

We welcome you to witness a colourful and magnificent ceremony in celebration of Sakyamuni Buddha’s day of birth over 2,500 years ago in northern India.

To be held on Saturday at 6pm, it will be a time for prayers, offering, contemplation, acknowledgements and giving. Guests include dignatories from local and state government, multi-faith religious representatives, community and business representatives.

The main theme of the Festival this year is "Consensus and Openess" which Venerable Master Hsing Yun, founder of Fo Guang Shan, first unveiled at the BLIA World Headquarters General Conference in October 2016. He encouraged all to seek consensus regarding Humanistic Buddhism and aspects including cross-sectarian respect, gender equality, valuing youths and fostering talents, and the heritage of faith. In conjunction, Venerable Master also believes in openness, such as that of monastery grounds, the mind, lay Dharma teachers, lineage personnel, and Cross-Strait Buddhist exchanges.

Certainly, in order to successfully accomplish our goals, we must not only have consensus and an open mind, but also the willingness to cooperate.

We welcome you to join the various religious representatives as they each offer a prayer for world peace during the Multi-faith Blessing Ceremony, followed by a burst of fireworks display as we celebrate multiculturalism in Australia.  

Come and share in this auspicious and joyous occasion and be touched by the loving kindness and compassion of the Buddha.